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Wont load UK Language pack

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I had a Windows 10 upgrade this morning and I noticed afterwards that most of my commands were not being correctly recognised. In the profile it showed the Profile Language as UK (Not Installed). Sure enough when I pressed the Add Recogniser, the UK Pack was mysteriously not installed. I pressed the Download option and after it had finished I rebooted. The Language pack was now installed correctly, but Voicebot continued to show it as missing and the box was protected and set to US.

Update. Corrected itself eventually - not sure how - but the Windows update had really screwed up my voice recognition settings - putting everything back to US. I spent about 15 minutes vainly trying to get it to recognise the word Horse!
Apr 15, 2017 (modified Apr 16, 2017)  • #1
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Strange! Glad to hear you were able to get it sorted though. Thanks for letting us know about the issue and how you resolved it
Apr 20, 2017  • #2
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