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"VoiceBot Start Command" no work.

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I usually use the "VoiceBot" option "VoiceBot Start Command" to start using it, but since the last update that command no longer works. I have tried to reinstall the software, to use a different instruction, but it doesn't work. The "VoiceBot Pause Command" does work fine. I think it might be a 'bug' in the latest update. I'm telling you so that you've proof of this trouble and, I hope so, it can be solved.
Thank you for your great work and greetings.
Jul 10, 2019  • #1
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I'm sorry about that, but have confirmed the issue with version 3.5 and released a new version, 3.5.1. You can find it here to solve your issue:
Jul 11, 2019  • #2
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