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VoiceBot Now Available on Steam!

We are very excited to announce that VoiceBot is now available for purchase on Steam! VoiceBot Pro on Steam has all of the same features as VoiceBot Pro, but Steam handles the installation and licensing, so you always have it wherever you have your Steam games library. Note that once VoiceBot is installed, Steam does not need to be running for VoiceBot to function.

VoiceBot is regularly $8.99 (USD), but is on for a special Steam launch price of $7.65 (USD)! If you purchase VoiceBot Pro on Steam and enjoy using it, please review it to let others know that it's a great buy :)

If you've already purchased a VoiceBot Pro Standard license through our website, you can grab a Steam code at no charge through our licensing portal.

VoiceBot Steam Store Page
VoiceBot Steam Store Page
Jun 4, 2015  • #1
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