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VoiceBot Global Voice Command Overrides all profiles

EricClark's profile on
I thought the objective for the global voice Prefix was to only invoke global macros when the prefix + macro name was called

This needs to be fixed, because once it is activated then it overrides other profiles.

Each profile should have its own prefix if it was input by the user.

Global command prefix needs to be linked to global commands instead of overriding all of the profiles with it.

i dont know how hard it will be to code this out but there should be a process.

Here are my thoughts as a fellow programmer and voicebot user.

Global Command Options.
Have global command prefix only associate with global commands!

Global Group Prefixes > have checkbox to override the global prefix or use as an optional profile

Profile Prefixes > allow proflies to be called with the profile prefix and not the actual global prefix + profile command

Profile Group Prefix > allow profile group prefix to be used as a sub command so when checked each command in the group will be called with (group prefix) + (command)

I know that this may be hard to understand so I will lay it out like this.

You have a global profile and you only want those macros to be called when you say "global command" "clipboard copy"
and then you are working in MS Word so you say "paste as" and MS Word being open and focused it calls the Paste As command from MS Word using the clipboard copy you just called from global

this will make the program more robust and will expand the horizions of future profile condensing and organization

it also allows for programmatically adding in more AI features so you can do more with your PC, especially for those that are using dictation
Feb 11, 2018  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for the feedback! I can see where the confusion happened there, because the Global Command Prefix was in VoiceBot before Global Macros. It was meant as a prefix that is used regardless of which Profile is loaded.

It's definitely a bit awkward now with the inclusion of Global Macros, so we'll have a look and review the behaviour for the next version.

Feb 14, 2018  • #2
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