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Suggestion [Multiple command execution, prefix commands]

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I have found myself multiple times throughout the use of VoiceBot making multiple macros for some actions, such as navigating through browser tabs and scrolling through media on the web, and video scrubbing. Basically I just copy commands that I want and edit the command with a prefix of "double/triple" then duplicate the action and then I'm done! I have a command that can be executed more times now because I made it for that case.

I hope that explained well, but anyways this could all be worked around if we had the ability to make custom prefixes to commands build into voicebot. Say I could make a prefix named "double/triple" as a prefix, and if said in conjuction with another command I made such as "next tab" would become "triple next tab" and it would execute that macro three times, saving me from needing to make each macro myself for things that can be useful when executed more times than 1, it really saves my voice needing to say "next tab" 3 times in a row. Hence why I go out of my way to make commands on my own such as "triple next tab" and "triple previous tab".

This could also expand into suffixes aswell, but I feel making macros wait for a suffix to be attached to the end, might add some latency to commands and might not be desireable?

A feature like this should be customizable aswell, custom prefix words that apply certain modifiers to commands are desireable, as opposed to fixed phrases such as double/triple, as they were just examples of what I like to use.

Thank you for reading ! I hope you can consider this suggestion or even make it better.

Please leave your thoughts below!
Feb 7, 2020 (modified Feb 7, 2020)  • #1
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Thanks for the feedback! This is similar to an open request that we have for command suffixes (or paremeters). I've added your vote, and your not about prefixes possibly being faster to it.

If we're able to implement this in a future version, we'll be sure to let you know.

Feb 7, 2020  • #2
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