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Stopping Looping Macros : My personal solution.

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I know this is an issue for some people so here's what's working for me.

On a basic keyboard in windows 7 (don't know about 10), while the macro is running, I simply hold down my Ctrl key, go to my Taskbar notifications area, find the extra VoiceBot icon, right click on it and select STOP.

As the looping macro is still running, your first attempt might freak out on you, but the second attempt while still holding down the Ctrl key usually does it.

VoiceBot will remain running and continue to take voice commands. No surprise since VoiceBot is smart enough to be able to run macros and voice commands at the same time.

I'm sure a solid fix will come in time. Hope this helps someone.
Feb 22, 2018 (modified Mar 8, 2018)  • #1
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