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Setting Custom Global values, and Recalling and Manipulate them, VoiceBot or Script?

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When playing Morrowind/Skyrim (with mods), i am able to use voicebot to enhance the whole experience, especially with a larger spell list.

I tend to use placeholder macro with single purpose to contain text value.
Normally just to be used inside another macro, typically with their own text values.

Is there a way that Voicebot/Script be used that allows me to say:
"Voicebot, Location #1", and retrieves values for XYZ for Location #1
"Voicebot, Teleport", using new XYZ values to teleport
"Voicebot, Object #1" retrieves values for ObjectID
"Voicebot, Enable", enable current value
Jul 5, 2020  • #1
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