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Multiple keypresses not registering?

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I have a command set up for "train infantry" in Company of Heroes 2.

Press and Release Key F1.
Press and Release Key V.

The F1 is registered, to select HQ, but it doesn't train the infantry (the V key isn't getting pressed).

I have tried adding a (up to) 1 second delay between presses, but still that second key never gets pressed.

Any ideas?

Aug 14, 2016  • #1
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I type in Dvorak using Autohotkey, and VoiceBot doesn't seem to go through this. So, instead of pressing V, I need to tell it to press '.' which is the same position on a qwerty keyboard. so V in Dvorak is on the . key on qwerty, so you have to press . on Dvorak which is the E key on qwerty. Very confusing!

Maybe this will help someone else in my position, or just make them more confused
Aug 14, 2016 (modified Aug 14, 2016)  • #2
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