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Loop Macro

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Hi is there any possibility someone could help me.
I've made a command to do a task in game witch I would like to loop until i say something like "Stop"
If anyone would help me make this macro for a loop until "stop" that would help me a lot. Thanks, here is the command itself

Press and release key : G
Move mouse Absolute: x:955, y:456
Press and release mouse button: Right mouse click
Press and release mouse button: Right mouse click
Delay: 1000 ms
press and release key : G
Delay: 20000 ms
Jan 3, 2016  • #1
2 discussion posts
Jan 5, 2016  • #2
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I was able to put together an example of the macro you requested. An easy way to get this macro to stop would be to enable a global macro called "Stop Macros" on the "Global Macros" tab in the Settings window. To use this macro, go to the "Profiles" tab of the Settings window, click the "Import Profile" button, and select the file that is attached to this post.

I hope this works for you!
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Jan 5, 2016  • #3
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