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Feature Suggestion: VoiceBot - Audible Response

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I just paid and downloaded VoiceBot today and I have to say it's a great program. I've been eyeballing Nuance's 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' program for years but just couldn't justify the cost for what I wanted it for. VoiceBot is the exact reason why I wanted to get DNS in the first place, for voice commands, without the need for dictation. So thanks BF for your fantastic program!

I have a feature suggestion for VoiceBot which could be slightly improved if you gave the option to reply to the user with an audible response. Think Apple's Siri or Google's voice search. With either Google voice search or Siri you get a chime that plays back to let the user know it's ready for input. One step further, I think it would be great to allow the use to pick the audio file as the response "chime" so they can customize what they hear before the issue the user command.

Another related feature/option that would be nice, and maybe already in the program (but I just haven't found it yet) is to allow for a greater delay between the 'Global Command Prefix' and the actual command. That way it feels a bit more natural to issue commands. When giving someone a command, there's naturally a slight delay between getting the attention of the person and giving the order. For example: "Adam (comma/pause), open file explorer". However, with the current iteration of VoiceBot, I have to say all the words with little to no delay so it knows that the whole phrase is a single command which feels less natural. (I.E. ADAM OPEN FILE EXPLORER)

A good example of this that has forever stuck in my mind is the movie 'Brainscan' with Edward Furlong. In that movie, he's able to control his computer by using an audible cue, in this case the word/name 'igor' to which the computer responds, 'yes master,' and then Edward's character Michael responds with what he wants his computer to do. I've already got the VoiceBot 'Global Command Prefix' in place, but the audible response is missing, because it's not "currently" an option (hint-hint).

Once again, great app guys. Keep up the good work!
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If I am reading you correctly, I think you can do this already. A couple weeks ago I tried a setup that did it. The idea was I'd say "computer" and get a response like "yes/go ahead/im ready/whatever" to know the system was ready for a command. I'd then give the command I wanted to happen. In place of the voice prompt I could have made use of the play sound action instead. Anyway, what I found was doing this added quite a bit of unnecessary delay. When I wanted the lights on, instead of just being able to say "computer all lights on," I had to say a command, wait for a confirmation, then give my desired command. A less than 1 second action turned into something that took 5 or more. If you want to try it, I did it by setting up a profile that listed for a key word. When that command was given it responded with the "im listening" stuff, and switched to a profile that contained the various commands. ... There is a "did the program hear me?" quality to using something that is always listening. What I did for those times where it is not obvious it heard me is I add an audible notification action like a sound or say. For example, when I say "turn the tv on," because that one can take a few seconds to work, it will first say "turning the tv on" so I know it heard me. ... For you other question, you might check out the advanced settings. There are some different settings you may be able to tweak for that command word delay action. The app devs will probably chime in with more detailed answers as well.
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Glad to hear you like it! There currently isn't a two-step command process like you're describing, but it is on our feature request list, so I've added your vote

Regarding the timeouts, you can try using the "Speech End Timeout" and "Speech End Timeout Ambiguous" options in the Settings > Advanced Settings window. By default they're 50 and 100 respectively (that's milliseconds). I'd recommend bumping them up in increments of 50 to find your sweet spot. Note that you need to restart VoiceBot after each change.

Hope that helps!
Aug 5, 2015  • #3
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