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David Hess1
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I know it is possible to dump both matched and unmatched commands to a log file. With that in mind...

As a fun little project for myself I am setting up a Windows PC as a personal assistant. I have programmatic control over all my various smart home devices- Hue Lights, Vizio TV, Smart Plugs, etc.

So far, VoiceBot does a wonderful job of specific commands (eg. Turn off bedroom), but as wildcard commands have yet to be supported, I have come up with an alternate idea that I think should be technically possible: compound commands.

An example would be: "Do a Google Search". I create Global Macro in activates upon hearing "Do a Google Search".
What the macro actually DOES is Launch an Autohotkey script that plays a tone, waits 8 seconds, opens a text file, reads the contents, and then searches for the contents of that text file.

While this 8 seconds is elapsing, I say some other unmatched command in voicebot. With VoiceBot's ability to dump all heard commands to a log file, I can parse that log for the last heard command with regular expression, and then have my AutoHotkey script do a Google search for that specific command.

However, the log file is FULL of other things besides the commands themselves. It's thousands of lines long already. What I would love to do is have a log of -ONLY- spoken items, or better yet, the LAST spoken item.

Do any VoiceBot gurus know how I might accomplish this? I am very new to the program and haven't seen everything yet.

TL;DR - would love a way to get the last "heard" command from a simplified text file. Any advice for this, or any other advice, is greatly appreciated!
Mar 22, 2023  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi David,

Unfortunately this isn't something we support, sorry!
Mar 22, 2023  • #2
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