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Can I do anything to make it faster

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First, thank you for voicebot. I have nerve damage in my left hand that makes it impossible to bounce around the keyboard as needed in fortnite and I can't do anything with those controllers so voicebot is a godsend. But it takes about a second to respond to voice commands. That's still faster than hunting around with a gimp hand but not even close to most players. I spectate them (since I usually get killed early) bouncing around like a caffeinated ping pong ball building, hopping, and shooting. I can't really compete. Is there anything I can do to make the response time quicker? I have a smoking fast PC. And I went through the training ritual for microsoft speech recognition and even the extended training. It didn't help. There are other speech recognition engines. Are they faster? Would voicebot work with them?
Thanks again.
Nov 26, 2018  • #1
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Thanks for the kind words, glad to hear that VoiceBot has been helpful!

Unfortunately it's not really possible to make it faster. You can play with the speech timeout settings in the Advanced Settings window, but it'll definitely never be as fast as using a keyboard. The speech engine needs time to listen, process the speech, then send it back to VoiceBot to be matched/actioned.

Sorry I don't have better news for you!
Nov 26, 2018  • #2
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