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Any way to read INI file?

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Is there a way to read INI file using the built-in Voicebot commands?
I have a profile that I want to rotate camera or zoon in/out, change camera mode (chase/drive/etc), but the keypress values will need to be modified based on the value of the in-game settings (camera rotate, etc, which are sliders).

The values for these user settings are in the file, in this case NWN's nwplayer.ini file. here is an excerpt of that file on my system:
[Control Options]
Zoom Speed=3.000000
Enable ScreenEdgeCameraTurn=1

I'd like to adjust the length of time the keypresses are held down base on the values in the user's INI file. (the lower the INI value of "CameraTurnSpeed" the longer the key is held (so regardless of the in-game setting, the "turn camera 90* left" voice command will always turn the camera ~90* left), etc.

Also... the in-game camera mode. I'd like to have the user get a TextToSpeech notification of the camera mode when they change to it (in the above INI file, the value of CameraMode will be 1,2 or 3. when the user uses voice bot commands to toggle the camera mode, or selective choose the mode, I'd like to be sure of the mode it is, so we know how many times to press the toggle camera mode key. This would also require reading the INI file.

Note, I'm not looking for, nor interested in write functionality, nor any method to send me (the 'author") such read content. I'm only looking to adjust the voicebot macros/keypresses based on the in-game settings within that INI file.

Is this possible without using an external file? (e.g. I can write an external script to probide the INI values in a hidden window, which voicebot could then read and accomplish the same results) but don't want users of the Voicebot profile to need any external EXEs (and understandably so).

Thanks for your time and response.

Nov 23, 2019  • #1
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These would be possible with custom Macro Scripts, but pretty complicated. It's unfortunately outside of an example we'd be able to provide though, sorry!
Nov 25, 2019  • #2
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