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Action ignored: profile application not focused: expected X, focused Y

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Hy guys.

What does it means ? I try to change sound on my Spotify, and this message happens all the time.

Action ignored: Profile application not focused (expercted: Spotifx.exe, focused: explorer.exe) (sometime it's chrome.exe).

How can i change this ? Thank you very much all.
Jul 19, 2018  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
It means the macros in the profile will only run if Spotify actually has focus. If you click on the Spotify window, then try the command again, does it work?
Jul 20, 2018  • #2
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voice bot needs to be focused on the target program to run a macro, you can adjust when macros run in the configuration section

This was asked and answered recently

I am sure you could make a global macro or change focus back an forth but this would be a pain
Jul 20, 2018  • #3
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