What Our Customers are Saying

"Demonstration of how I play rocket league using VoiceBot commands software and my trackball mouse. I have spinal muscular atrophy which has taken away my ability to use standard game controllers, so this is my solution to the problem."
-- CoyoteRys, Feb 2020
"So Many Spike Deaths... Sonic CD, Played with VoiceBot."
-- TheSkyIsUp, Feb 2020
"A demonstration of some of the ways VoiceBot can assist with Elite Dangerous."
-- David B., Jul 2018
"Red Alert 2 voice-controlled skirmish test, using VoiceBot."
-- Voiced Gaming, Sep 2017
"Undertale voice-controlled early gameplay, using VoiceBot & Cheat Engine: Highlights from early gameplay of Undertale. More may come in time, but the battles are very difficult so it's not that much fun for me."
-- Voiced Gaming, Sep 2017
"Portal voice-controlled play-through highlights, using VoiceBot."
-- Voiced Gaming, Sep 2017
"VoiceBot Tutorial in Spanish: Tercer video de una serie de tutoriales para utilizar aplicaciones de reconocimiento de voz en videojuegos para enseñar lenguas."
"Messing around in Crash Time II, using VoiceBot: Using the wrong VoiceBot commands to attempt to play Crash Time II. This is also my first voice-controlled driving game, which was rather liberating!"
-- Alternative Keyboard, May 2017
"Paint It Back voice control tutorial, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, May 2017
"Puzzle Agent played hands-free, using MouSense & VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"I've been using VoiceBot for about 5 months now and I love it. I'm have loads of fun using it in-game as a soundboard and also to do basic things in Planetside 2. So I hooked up Virtual Audio Cable to an outgoing microphone. Then I hooked up an old Winamp version to play the wavs. NexusFile is a file directory I use to see all the wavs & mp3 files I have on a separate screen. Now that I have set up 345 sound files for VoiceBot to play on command, I'm cracking up people left and right in voice chats and any other program that uses voice..."
-- Zizzix, Jan 2018
"Lexica voice-controlled, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Breath of Death VII voice-controlled part 2, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Breath of Death VII voice-controlled part 1, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Squarecells voice-controlled gameplay, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Mar 2017
"Squarecells voice-control tutorial, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Mar 2017
"VoiceBot is an extremely handy application useful both for playing and working, and even for using daily your computer. After purchasing VoiceBot on their website and playing around with configuration and interface I started creating my first profile: It worked like a charm!!"
-- BlackSmoke, Dec 2017
"Golf With Your Friends voice-control tutorial, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Feb 2017
"VoiceBot overview."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Feb 2017
"VoiceBot Voice Recognition Software Tutorial for Tyranny RPG."
"Let's Try: VoiceBot 3.0 (on Steam) with Silent Hunter 4."
-- LordCucumber77, Oct 2016
"Gameplay test du logiciel VoiceBot sur le jeu Helicoptere CN 2015."
-- WILLY willo, Aug 2016
"We leave Rivervale and head to Ark. I use VoiceBot to do my actions!"
"I play Hearthstone but issues my commands with VoiceBot!"
"Today we are going to try playing Killing Floor 2 with Voice activated macros! Using a nifty program called 'Voicebot' we can do things in Killing Floor 2 like heal, switch weapons, and call out Scrakes without lifting a finger!"
-- AFarCryAway, Aug 2016
"You could play Overwatch like a normal person, or you could do what I did and download some voice recognition software and playing using your voice. It's a bit ridiculous, but it's also the most fun I've had with Overwatch in ages."
-- PC Gamer, Aug 2016
"VoiceBot Steam App for voice control of games or applications with macros."
-- KaosKnite, Aug 2016
"Esse é mais uma voo realizado com apoio integral do canal 2Gsim. Aproveitem o voo!"
-- V1 Simulação, Aug 2016
"Enhanced Arma 3 experience with vocal commands using VoiceBot."
-- Stenk, Jul 2016
"A quick video about VoiceBot and call to arms."
-- Stenk, Jul 2016
"I had no idea your product even existed. Had I known, I would have purchased several years ago. I am already thinking of other games I can use this with. An excellent product and very straight-forward to install, setup and use. Can't ask for anything more. You guys ROCK!"
-- Tony W., Mar 2017
"VoiceBot is the best voice command program! I was amazed when I saw how
easy I could make commands for games and even for programs. You can
download ready profiles or you can make your own. I love it and I would
love to see if they can make a way to command VR movements, like turning
your head and stuff like that, and in general, to be even better than it is."
-- Denis, Jan 2017
"I really love your software (considering perhaps using some of your other software, too), and I’m telling people how useful and convenient it is at every opportunity."
-- fuggnuggins, Jan 2017
"A couple days ago I actually broke my finger, dislocated a bone within the bone, tore an entire muscle band and dislocated 2 other muscle bands and it's currently in casting.
As I came back I started to realize how much more difficult gaming is going to be for the next ~3 months. So when I came home and booted up Steam, noticed a recommended app called 'VoiceBot' out of the blue and investigated it I couldn't believe the immense coincidence.
I instantly bought it without thinking and set everything up and almost actually cried.
So all in all I wanted to thank you for giving me back the chance to continue doing what I enjoy so much."
-- Toby D., Aug 2016
"This program is an 11/10. RB63 with voice commands!!! Fully works! Open flash and clear, wait for code zulu, etc... So amazing."
-- FuzzyOpr8r, Dec 2016
"Home Theater Voice Automation - Part 4: The Digital Matrix"
-- Kyle Kennedy, Jan 2016
"Let's Try: VoiceBot 3.0 (on Steam) with Silent Hunter 4"
-- LordCucumber77, Oct 2016
"Small Example about TheHunter and Voicebot. Commands are in German Language."
-- Pitti50, Nov 2015
"EventGhost and VoiceBot, Demo 2"
-- The Bacon Nation, Nov 2015
"Ok, so I just got around to trying this out after having bought in a bit ago. After about the first five minutes all I can say is this is the most bloody brilliant piece of software I have ever used as a gaming aid."
-- Drachehexe, Oct 2015
"Video review of VoiceBot from SimRacingCoach.com (Spanish)."
-- Carlos Casas, Oct 2015
"This is very cool for a game you want to play with joypad, but.. there are more buttons and you need access to the keyboard. Example I use it for Elite Dangerous. Very easy to set up, and gives good results however it sometimes confuses sounds - so best played alone, without someone else to talk too."
-- flyinghitcher, Aug 2015
"Euro Truck Simulator 2 + VoiceBot: It's not magic, it's technology!"
-- Marcelo Beckmann, Jul 2015
"Use voice commands in any game in windows. Cool software called VoiceBot allows you to use voice commands to perform in game actions."
-- GamingNmore96, Jul 2015
"A few things I do by having Voicebot and EventGhost work together."
-- The Bacon Nation, Jul 2015
"Recently bought Elite Dangerous, and VoiceBot, using them together makes this game so much more immersive. Added Crysis 2 nanosuit voice clips make it even more awesome."
-- syphon81, Jun 2015
"VoiceBot with Jarvis home theatre automation."
-- Kyle Kennedy, Jun 2015
"VoiceBot (OK, Google for PC/Steam!)"
-- The Midnight Titan, Jun 2015
"It's an amazing program. It's very simple to use, and works like a boss."
-- Sage, Jun 2015
"Amazing, I've played Magicka 2 with this and casting any spells or even elements by speaking out loud is so satisfying. Also you can use it for desktop so opening all your social networks with a single command or if you are a developer like me, opening your visual studio solution etc. is great. With this price I highly recommend this."
-- Sarper, Jun 2015
"Love it already!!! it is so convienient! must have"
-- Neon Spark, Jun 2015
"Just bought it and using it for CS GO.
I configured it to throw different grenades, depending on what I say: When I say "fire", it automatically selects the molotov and throws it. Same with "flash", "grenade", "decoy", "smoke". This tool has unlimited power, it's just for us to discover the limits :)"
-- SuperMario, Jun 2015
"Just bought this and I can already say I'm more than happy with my purchase. If you are looking at this wonder if it's as good as Voice Attack from what I can tell it is. Although I've never used Voice Attack but I've looked into extensively. I download the trial of Voice Attack but a lot of the customization is locked. Anyway back onto the actual product. This thing is exactly what I wanted and works very well and smoothly. The hardest part is getting windows speech reconition to understand you better. I highly recommend that you take the time to go through both the training wizards. Even after that when I speak it gets it wrong but not as much the best way is to raise your voice a little and dictate clearly. That's all I have found for now I will update this if I remember after I have used it in some games and whatnot. I would definintely give this a 10/10!"
-- Enoxel, Jun 2015
"Happy to report my lazyness efficiency just increased by 300%"
-- Xavy, Jun 2015
"Been trying this with the Witcher 3 and it works great for casting signs and using food/potions. Best of all now I can call "Roach" and my horse appears."
-- eldritchknight, Jun 2015
"Yesterday I found VoiceBot. This morning my productivity boomed as I now start my apps and open windows with my voice #cool"
-- @akocsis, Jun 2015