What Our Customers are Saying

"VoiceBot Tutorial in Spanish: Tercer video de una serie de tutoriales para utilizar aplicaciones de reconocimiento de voz en videojuegos para enseñar lenguas."
"Messing around in Crash Time II, using VoiceBot: Using the wrong VoiceBot commands to attempt to play Crash Time II. This is also my first voice-controlled driving game, which was rather liberating!"
-- Alternative Keyboard, May 2017
"Paint It Back voice control tutorial, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, May 2017
"Puzzle Agent played hands-free, using MouSense & VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Lexica voice-controlled, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Breath of Death VII voice-controlled part 2, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Breath of Death VII voice-controlled part 1, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Apr 2017
"Squarecells voice-controlled gameplay, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Mar 2017
"Squarecells voice-control tutorial, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Mar 2017
"Golf With Your Friends voice-control tutorial, using VoiceBot."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Feb 2017
"VoiceBot overview."
-- Alternative Keyboard, Feb 2017
"VoiceBot Voice Recognition Software Tutorial for Tyranny RPG."
"Let's Try: VoiceBot 3.0 (on Steam) with Silent Hunter 4."
-- LordCucumber77, Oct 2016
"Gameplay test du logiciel VoiceBot sur le jeu Helicoptere CN 2015."
-- WILLY willo, Aug 2016
"We leave Rivervale and head to Ark. I use VoiceBot to do my actions!"
"I play Hearthstone but issues my commands with VoiceBot!"
"Today we are going to try playing Killing Floor 2 with Voice activated macros! Using a nifty program called 'Voicebot' we can do things in Killing Floor 2 like heal, switch weapons, and call out Scrakes without lifting a finger!"
-- AFarCryAway, Aug 2016
"You could play Overwatch like a normal person, or you could do what I did and download some voice recognition software and playing using your voice. It's a bit ridiculous, but it's also the most fun I've had with Overwatch in ages."
-- PC Gamer, Aug 2016
"VoiceBot Steam App for voice control of games or applications with macros."
-- KaosKnite, Aug 2016
"Esse é mais uma voo realizado com apoio integral do canal 2Gsim. Aproveitem o voo!"
-- V1 Simulação, Aug 2016
"I had no idea your product even existed. Had I known, I would have purchased several years ago. I am already thinking of other games I can use this with. An excellent product and very straight-forward to install, setup and use. Can't ask for anything more. You guys ROCK!"
-- Tony W., Mar 2017
"A quick video about VoiceBot and call to arms."
-- Stenk, Jul 2016
"Enhanced Arma 3 experience with vocal commands using VoiceBot."
-- Stenk, Jul 2016
"A couple days ago I actually broke my finger, dislocated a bone within the bone, tore an entire muscle band and dislocated 2 other muscle bands and it's currently in casting.

As I came back I started to realize how much more difficult gaming is going to be for the next ~3 months. So when I came home and booted up Steam, noticed a recommended app called 'VoiceBot' out of the blue and investigated it I couldn't believe the immense coincidence.

I instantly bought it without thinking and set everything up and almost actually cried.

So all in all I wanted to thank you for giving me back the chance to continue doing what I enjoy so much."
-- Toby D., Aug 2016
"VoiceBot is the best voice command program! I was amazed when I saw how
easy I could make commands for games and even for programs. You can
download ready profiles or you can make your own. I love it and I would
love to see if they can make a way to command VR movements, like turning
your head and stuff like that, and in general, to be even better than it is."
-- Denis, Jan 2017
"I really love your software (considering perhaps using some of your other software, too), and I’m telling people how useful and convenient it is at every opportunity."
-- fuggnuggins, Jan 2017
"This program is an 11/10. RB63 with voice commands!!! Fully works! Open flash and clear, wait for code zulu, etc... So amazing."
-- FuzzyOpr8r, Dec 2016
"Let's Try: VoiceBot 3.0 (on Steam) with Silent Hunter 4"
-- LordCucumber77, Oct 2016
"Home Theater Voice Automation - Part 4: The Digital Matrix"
-- Kyle Kennedy, Jan 2016
"Small Example about TheHunter and Voicebot. Commands are in German Language."
-- Pitti50, Nov 2015
"EventGhost and VoiceBot, Demo 2"
-- The Bacon Nation, Nov 2015
"Ok, so I just got around to trying this out after having bought in a bit ago. After about the first five minutes all I can say is this is the most bloody brilliant piece of software I have ever used as a gaming aid."
-- Drachehexe, Oct 2015
"Video review of VoiceBot from SimRacingCoach.com (Spanish)."
-- Carlos Casas, Oct 2015
"This is very cool for a game you want to play with joypad, but.. there are more buttons and you need access to the keyboard. Example I use it for Elite Dangerous. Very easy to set up, and gives good results however it sometimes confuses sounds - so best played alone, without someone else to talk too."
-- flyinghitcher, Aug 2015
"Euro Truck Simulator 2 + VoiceBot: It's not magic, it's technology!"
-- Marcelo Beckmann, Jul 2015
"Use voice commands in any game in windows. Cool software called VoiceBot allows you to use voice commands to perform in game actions."
-- GamingNmore96, Jul 2015
"A few things I do by having Voicebot and EventGhost work together."
-- The Bacon Nation, Jul 2015
"Recently bought Elite Dangerous, and VoiceBot, using them together makes this game so much more immersive. Added Crysis 2 nanosuit voice clips make it even more awesome."
-- syphon81, Jun 2015
"VoiceBot with Jarvis home theatre automation."
-- Kyle Kennedy, Jun 2015
"VoiceBot (OK, Google for PC/Steam!)"
-- The Midnight Titan, Jun 2015
"It's an amazing program. It's very simple to use, and works like a boss."
-- Sage, Jun 2015
"Amazing, I've played Magicka 2 with this and casting any spells or even elements by speaking out loud is so satisfying. Also you can use it for desktop so opening all your social networks with a single command or if you are a developer like me, opening your visual studio solution etc. is great. With this price I highly recommend this."
-- Sarper, Jun 2015
"Love it already!!! it is so convienient! must have"
-- Neon Spark, Jun 2015
"Been trying this with the Witcher 3 and it works great for casting signs and using food/potions. Best of all now I can call "Roach" and my horse appears."
-- eldritchknight, Jun 2015
"Just bought this and I can already say I'm more than happy with my purchase. If you are looking at this wonder if it's as good as Voice Attack from what I can tell it is. Although I've never used Voice Attack but I've looked into extensively. I download the trial of Voice Attack but a lot of the customization is locked. Anyway back onto the actual product. This thing is exactly what I wanted and works very well and smoothly. The hardest part is getting windows speech reconition to understand you better. I highly recommend that you take the time to go through both the training wizards. Even after that when I speak it gets it wrong but not as much the best way is to raise your voice a little and dictate clearly. That's all I have found for now I will update this if I remember after I have used it in some games and whatnot. I would definintely give this a 10/10!"
-- Enoxel, Jun 2015
"Just bought it and using it for CS GO.
I configured it to throw different grenades, depending on what I say: When I say "fire", it automatically selects the molotov and throws it. Same with "flash", "grenade", "decoy", "smoke". This tool has unlimited power, it's just for us to discover the limits :)"
-- SuperMario, Jun 2015
"Happy to report my lazyness efficiency just increased by 300%"
-- Xavy, Jun 2015
"Yesterday I found VoiceBot. This morning my productivity boomed as I now start my apps and open windows with my voice #cool"
-- @akocsis, Jun 2015
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