VoiceBot Free vs Pro

VoiceBot Free Pro Standard Pro Personal Pro Steam
VoiceBot lets you take command with your voice! Say commands out loud to send actions to your games and applications. Use your voice to type keyboard shortcuts, click and move your mouse, and execute macros and scripts.
Control any game or application using voice commands
Start VoiceBot automatically when you login to your computer
Start VoiceBot minimized to the system tray
Control VoiceBot from a system tray icon
Pause and resume VoiceBot when it's not needed
Control VoiceBot with Push to Talk/Ignore HotKeys
Game & App Profiles Free Pro Standard Pro Personal Pro Steam
Download or create profiles for your favourite games and applications.
Access hundreds of premade game & app profiles
Unlimited profiles (free limited to 5)
Unlimited macros
Unlimited actions per macro (free limited to 3)
Create macro groups to keep your macros organized
Assign HotKeys to individual macros
Sync your profiles between computers
Load profiles automatically based on the currently focused game window
Automatically downloads amazing game images for game profiles
Global Macros provide always-available commands even when a profile is loaded
Macro Actions Free Pro Standard Pro Personal Pro Steam
Create macros from these pre-defined actions, or create a completely custom macro using a Macro Script. The free version of VoiceBot is limited to 3 actions per macro.
Press and Release Key
Press Key
Release Key
Toggle Key
Press and Release Mouse Button
Double Click Mouse Button
Press Mouse Button
Release Mouse Button
Move Mouse Absolute
Move Mouse Relative
Scroll Mouse Wheel
Change Audio Device
Change Profile
Macro Script
Open File
Play Sound
Run Macro from this Profile
Start Program
Text to Speech
Type Text
License Options Free Pro Standard Pro Personal Pro Steam
Lifetime License (all future versions)
Support Included
Restrictions Personal ONLY Personal or Company, 1 computer Unlimited personal computers, and 1 company computer that only you use Personal or Company, unlimited computers, primary user is you and Steam is installed
License Price free $15 (USD)* $25 (USD) $14.99 (USD)
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Would you like to take VoiceBot Pro for a 30-day test drive before buying a license?
Just download VoiceBot, each download has a 30-day trial license built-in!
*Order 5 or more licenses to receive a discounted price of only $12 (USD) per license!
The standard license price is $15 (USD).